Avenged Sevenfold – Lost (Instrumental) *RA7X exclusive*

Written by on July 24, 2013 in Avenged Sevenfold

Avenged Sevenfold - Lost (Instrumental) *RA7X exclusive*

There you go! Now dance and get lucky.

2011 WMG Avenged Sevenfold’s “Buried Alive” from their 2010 album “Nightmare” is available here http://bit.ly/WrzAoR. Subscribe to more new music on Youtub…

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29 Reader Comments

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  1. RareAvengedSevenfold says:

    We’ve come too far, to give up who we are! So let’s raise the bar, and our cups to the stars!

  2. SamFisher2424 says:

    blinded in chains please…..

  3. callofmyguitar says:

    rhythm guitar faded out, 3:13 is kinda ok, but after 3:20 its huge hahaha

  4. callofmyguitar says:

    after 3:20 you can notice the difference, at least i can, compared to 3:00

  5. callofmyguitar says:

    yhe rhythym guitar kinda faded out for me

  6. Nick Korytkowski says:

    Clairvoyant Disease

  7. Jesper Uhlin says:

    I agree, there is something missing there with the guitar

  8. Sharin Ilejay says:

    if you dont like this song..turn the fuck around and walked home..

  9. ChezMaster9000 says:

    everything is still there for me lol

  10. ChezMaster9000 says:

    but how :’o im gonna be sad if you don’t provide a download link!

  11. ChezMaster9000 says:

    is that description a referenced to daft punks new album track 1?

  12. Говнопук Пердосракович says:


  13. xDanielx360 says:

    What is the name of the intro music?

  14. LesEnfantTerribles1 says:

    He’s secretly Papa Gates.

  15. RareAvengedSevenfold says:


  16. RareAvengedSevenfold says:

    I replied. :-)

  17. ziyadh Abdul says:

    Amazing !!!

  18. The Vengeful Sinner says:

    Just a spoonful of Jimmy makes the whole world fall down!

  19. labuff1999 says:

    “Darkness has kept the light concealed”
    Seems like they know what it feels like to be depressed everyday..

  20. Lukinumbah7 says:

    I discovered a7x on cod black ops 1, not ready to die is an awesome song which got me listening to everything by them from sounding the seventh trumpet,waking the fallen,city of evil,self titled,diamonds in the rough, nightmare, and now hail to the king august 27th. (plus pinkly smooth for those who know ;D ) miss the rev and that fucking stallion duck!!! Hope he comes back in a couple years as the knife master!! foREVer A7X!

  21. James Rockso says:

    All bands from everywhere, if you’re interested in being playing over in Canada, send me a message on Facebook and/or YouTube under “Morning Metal”, my radio show on 93.1 FM. Check out the page on Facebook and send me your songs! All played free!

    Information on the show is on the page and I’m always looking for new aspiring musicians! We’ll play you among upcoming new musicians that have already helped out the show.

    Thanks for listening. Go enjoy some metal!

  22. TheCurseWithin says:

    If you guys like metal give our music a shot. Our band name is The Curse Within and we have some tracks from our EP up on our channel. So if you wanna hear some good metal check us out!

  23. Kevin Benoit says:

    lol I hate posting an innocent comment on youtube and being attacked by close-minded people x.x

  24. Kevin Benoit says:

    haha I’m fucked

  25. SMOOTHEDATOM9 says:

    Sounds so cool

  26. Kim jong un says:

    who cares we are all deathbats so fuck you

  27. KSTxFuzion says:

    1 of der best songs

  28. Cabamacadaf says:

    Wait, what? The official video is censored?

  29. Xerious2025 says:

    Nobody cares at who was watching them first, lol.


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