Hillsong United – Tapestry w/lyrics (HD)

Written by on August 31, 2013 in Hillsong

Maker of earth and sky And everything before our eyes Your word formed life and light Within the crucible of time The genesis of all mankind Our lives a tape…
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Hillsong - Hosanna (High-Quality)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 Reader Comments

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  1. marco delgado says:


  2. Michael Gherman says:

    I love the fact they use “Our lives a TAPESTRY OF GRACE”, just adds so much meaning it’s crazy

  3. Will Stuart says:

    Our Worship Leader doesn’t like this song, even though most of us do. I wish we would play it.

  4. JD Olivares says:

    jaja, i don´t know tha is JD

  5. newstart2c says:

    Just to point out a lyrical error, (your hand has weaved together) just like a spider weaves a web. Heaved means about to vomit. god bless

  6. pato1470 says:

    kind of sounds like the 80′s when the girl starts singing :) love it.

  7. Nadine Dolin says:

    In You no thread will ever fray!

  8. psaume138 says:

    ….like a tapestry…

  9. Lacey Barrasa says:

    i like the end of the song when the girl and guy sings together (:

  10. tom holmes says:

    upon that cross you set us free, alellujah,

  11. Kate Erickson says:

    “in you no thread will ever frey”

  12. Stephen Lawal says:

    He sang well in this, his voice is quite unique

  13. Nyasha Foya says:

    Jonathan Douglas

  14. Nyasha Foya says:

    one of hillsongs singers. google him

  15. Nyasha Foya says:


  16. tmarks87 says:

    jd sounds like hes singing out of a trashcan

  17. missie bee says:

    SAVESAEED . ORG please go to this page people and sign the petition for saeed, a christian pastor, father, husband. and friend to be released from a prison in iran, he has been sentenced to 8 years for speaking about the Lord while going back to iran to build an orphanage for iranian children. BE THE VOICE GUYS. Show your love for your fellow man. God please heal their land.

  18. Video Klip says:

    Lagu Rohani / Gospel Terbaru: youtube.com/watch?v=GACikLpCCm­E

  19. GoodAvatar says:

    I get asked this SO MUCH, you have no idea.
    I can’t speak for other atheists, but the reason *I* am here is because I think it’s important to have a sincere, direct conversation between believers and non-believers.
    The simple fact of the matter is that it’s a HUGE social taboo to talk honestly and directly about religion in public.
    Atheists face a huge amount of social problems if they go public with their simple disbelief.
    And your Bible is WRONG… And most of you don’t read it

  20. GoodAvatar says:

    “It’s not a hell-fire threat, but it’s just simply telling the truth”
    When someone says, “You need to REPENT before it’s too late.”
    That’s a threat. Christians are fully accustomed to saying it amongst each other, but to use it is undeniably threatening.
    “You’d better behave and stop questioning things or else you’ll suffer and choke and burn and writhe FOREVER.”
    Or hadn’t you thought through what Hell WAS??
    “rebel against God”
    Why the fuck did Satan think THAT would work?? Sounds stupid to me.

  21. GoodAvatar says:

    Nice hat, Kelly.
    Just so you know, evolution is not a fantasy. It’s demonstrable, factual reality.
    Ten to one says you don’t care about that, though…
    “self proclaimed atheists” – This comes from my personal sense of curiosity, but why use the phrase SELF PROCLAIMED?
    That seems like a very odd word choice. Would you be willing to answer that question?

  22. Hon Sirneng says:

    It’s not hell-fire threat, but it’s just simply the truth. And if you can’t shut up, what stops us from justifying ourselves and also standing up for what we believe in?

    Just another NOTE for you to learn, he didn’t INFLICT an evil demi-god on us. It’s just that he decided to rebel against God and got cast off from heaven and a place for him which is hell.

    And if you said we were arguing, why are you even here at the first place starting this arguement?

  23. Kelly Medley says:

    There are none. Just like evolution it is a fantasy of the self proclaimed atheists.

  24. Kelly Medley says:

    God is sooo good :)

  25. daliabrito2010 says:

    Glory to you Lord! Thank you or your mercy and your Grace! I praise you! I praise you! Only one Almighty God!

  26. Diess Daan says:


  27. GoodAvatar says:

    Boy, you Christians just LOVE that Hellfire Threat, don’t you?
    You can’t ever seem to shut up about it even in the midst of a relatively civil discussion on Youtube.
    Let me ask you a question, Jennifer Turnbull.
    Why did your god YaHWeH inflict an evil demi-god on us mortals? Why did your god set that up in the first place?
    That seems like a really, REALLY big asshole move to me.
    And do you REALLY believe in Satan? Demons and Devils and Angels, too?
    What Unicorns and Fairies? Goblins, Gremlins?

  28. GoodAvatar says:

    This has “trick question” written all over it. But tell you what, I’m game.
    For all intents and purposes, to human perspectives and lifespans, the universe is infinite. It goes on and on and on.
    But I’m not an astrophysicist, so the fully correct answer is that I honestly don’t know.
    It’s like asking what came BEFORE the Big Bang….. Pfff, I dunno. :-P
    But I won’t lie, I’m very curious about what your point is going to be.

  29. Mcgee Stevens says:

    Check out Billy Rayy’s Facebook page

  30. Karen Edwards says:

    Great song…love it so much

  31. Jennifer Turnbull says:

    I would just like to say that anyone who comes on here, goes to the trouble of looking up christian songs in order to argue with christians obviously needs prayer and nothing else. People like that, Satan has poisoned their minds and the best we can do for them is pray for them. Arguing until we are all blue in the face does not do any good. God will move in their hearts and minds. If they are not chosen of God, then by the time they realise God and the Bible are real, it will be too late.

  32. L says:


    You seem to know a lot about everything. Can you tell me exactly where the universe ends. If you don’t know the answer just say I don’t know. Look forward to your response.

  33. GoodAvatar says:

    “you fail to follow my logic”
    Look, whatever weird, mentalist word games you want to play that jerks yourself off… Go ahead, but I’m not interested in them.
    I AM, however, interested in pointing out that the Bible is utterly ludicrous and it isn’t really interested in facts or reality.
    Genesis can’t be read as anything OTHER than mythology. Superstitious nonsense is literally everywhere in that book.
    Strange ages, creepy incest, events that demonstrably did not occur. On and on and on…….

  34. Jonathan Vincent says:

    the point you try to make, fails.
    For you try to use my own logic against me when you use an analogy, but you fail to follow my logic… I say, Unless you “Know” then your default is to “Believe”
    (IF you don’t know, THEN you believe)
    When you use an analogy against me, you change tense, (you should’ve said “walruses COULDN’T fly” not “CAN’T”) and your logic differs, it Doesn’t follow the If-Then Logic, as mine does.
    If It didn’t change tense, it would’ve proven my point IF-THEN statement

  35. GoodAvatar says:

    Then you’re not paying attention.
    For example, the Earth was never globally flooded. That’s VERY easy to prove.
    Humanity did NOT begin as Magical Orchard Tenders until they were tricked into eating Intelligence Fruit.
    Jews were NEVER in ancient Egypt as slaves(Israel funded a BIG expedition to look for evidence they didn’t find).
    Moses was not a real person.
    And the Bible was constructed by VOTE at the Council of Nicea. A lot of books were discarded because they were too difficult to believe.

  36. GoodAvatar says:

    “God, he, he, Him, God, His”
    YaHWeH. YaHWeH is the god of Christians, and there’s no real difference between YaHWeH and Zeus or Ares or Thor or Wotan or Amen-Hotep or Marduk.
    You don’t believe in any of THOSE gods, I’m assuming?
    Well, that’s exactly the way I don’t believe in YaHWeH. The mythology is ridiculous, the history is completely wrong(there were never Jews in Egypt, for example) and the themes and morals are contradictory and scattered in between hundreds of pages of nonsense.

  37. GoodAvatar says:

    ” have you personally known every snake in existence?”
    You don’t understand how taxonomy works, then. Snakes and serpents don’t have powerful lungs nor vocal chords, nor have they ever. Their ancestry simply didn’t have it.
    It’s like ME claiming that Walruses USED to fly, and have YOU ever seen every Walrus ever? Then you can’t PROVE that Walruses can’t fly, can you?
    Besides, the Garden of Eden thing is mythology.
    Pure, unadulterated, 100% bullshit mythology that we shouldn’t take seriously.

  38. David Harris says:

    I am reading the bible currently. I haven’t found anything that is contrary to history.

  39. Jonathan Vincent says:

    1) You say there is no talking snake, and there has never been one… have you personally known every snake in existence? If the answer is “no” then you “Believe” there was never a talking snake, but you do not “KNOW”
    2) If you believe that there is a God, who is powerful enough to create the Universe and ALL things in it… then why is his power limited when comes to giving and taking speech from creatures?
    Jesus, God incarnate, gave speech to a mute man, and silenced Demons.

  40. Mike Mckenna says:

    When “OUR SAVIOUR” comes before us all, I know that I will be singing “HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST!!!” You should be too, my brother/sister! Cant tell from your username ;) Just remember, no matter what you do in life, that God loves you more than anything… It is amazing what he does in my life… The way he changes me and blesses me! Remember that every knee will bow to Him! Human evidence is irrelevant when it comes to the works of God. Open up your heart and he will flood it with His love.

  41. GoodAvatar says:

    “point out the discrepancies or where the Bible is wrong?”
    There’s no talking snake and never has been. Snakes don’t have vocal chords or lungs.
    Then there’s the global flood that didn’t happen, there’s the demonic pigs that Jesus drowned, there’s that passage in Matthew that talks about Saints Rising From Their Graves that no Roman historian noticed.
    Moses is a VERY different character between Judaism and Christianity, and Abraham is also different in Christian and Muslim mythologies.

  42. GoodAvatar says:

    “What u are saying is not biblical”
    Well, there’s a lot of things that Christians say that aren’t biblical at all.
    Take capital punishment and birth control, for instance.
    On one hand, it seems that Christians are overwhelmingly in favor of capital punishment, even though it doesn’t line up with Christian morality.
    And on the other hand, Christians seem to despise abortion, when the Bible clearly accepts and allows that under differing circumstances and nobody seems to care about infanticide.


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