Kenny Chesney – The Boys of Fall

Written by on March 10, 2013 in Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall

Music video by Kenny Chesney performing The Boys of Fall. (C) 2010 Arnie Barn. All Rights Reserved.

Question by Missy W: What do you believe is the best Kenny Chesney song?
My favorite song by Kenny Chesney is Don’t Blink. It has become very important in deciding how I live my life.

Best answer:

Answer by kpwitt11
Dont Blink

Give your answer to this question below!

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24 Reader Comments

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  1. Katherine Hunley says:

    Its sucha sweet music video..Even if its all about footbal:)

  2. Angela Walczak says:

    The test is when u battle through tough times….where are u gonna stand….and that day you look in the mirror and know ;)

  3. Davis Cavallo says:


  4. YuppLanii says:

    RIP Khole Jackson

  5. Andrew Goddard says:

    I play Thursday night middle school football, and I can’t wait till next season

  6. HuntingChicks says:

    I want Friday Night Football back!!! Cant wait for football season!!!

  7. Ryan Lalley says:

    Ill never forget the last locker room speech it’ll be in my head forever I miss Friday night football

  8. Jaloposaurus says:

    Im not a fan of country, but this song made me cry and it was also played at my friends funeral our senior year T.T…he loved football…
    I miss him. >.<

  9. william harper says:

    – sent chills through my body

  10. Jackson Pace says:

    That speech really hit home, when I strapped on those pads for the last time!

  11. volsfan4life88 says:

    This song and music video, is awesome. Its crazy I graduated 2 years ago, played football for 4 years in high school, and now pursuing a career in coaching at the high school level but man what I wouldn’t do to go back and just do one more practice. Playing football was the best time ever and this song is a descent way to bring back that memory.

  12. Jacob Anderson says:

    i know its amazing how songs can do things like that

  13. Jacob Anderson says:

    I wish foot ball and wrestling would split so that half the year it was wrestling and the other half was football

  14. Jacob Jones says:

    The best part of this video is the speech the coach gives. Right after the music of course.

  15. Calvin n says:

    ◕If Just one person reads this, would be a miracle for me ◕◕

    ◕I’m a 19 y/o just trying to make it in the music industry I play guitar&sing.

    ◕Maybe I’m just a dreamer,but I’m not the only one Please,just give me 1 chance to prove myself to you,i work really hard

    ◕I know these things are annoying,so sorry about that.But I’ll do anything to get my music heard

    ◕Please LIKE this comment and SUBSCRIBE.Thank You :)

  16. poewnbiusa says:

    3:39 is the best part

  17. Randy Webber says:

    i never get any credit and i have been playing for 9 years and im a start lineman
     so thats right

  18. Matt Stroh says:

    I love football but the true backbone of the team that helps the line backers and quarter backs never get the credit they deserve so go linemen

  19. Hunner Boswell says:

    i played middle school football for 3 years and went to state and lost every year but this year we won our coach made us listen to this and it pushed us to drive that extra yard and that led to our success our coach always said without self discipline success is impossible i just wanted to say THANK YOU FOR HELPING US PUSH OUR SELVES

  20. tysonkeg says:

    haha not too bad!!
    Please Check these out! Just need some comments and opinions (whether they are good or bad) for what I should sing at a talent show that I made it to the final round in. I have a few videos up so far. Thanks a bunch guys!!
    .com/watch?v=oyb9Vn5WuLk (just enter the normal beginning for any YouTube link)

  21. Kar says:

    Um dont blink is good =] also young, summer time and of course she thinks my tractors sexy =] =] =]

    Im seeing him in concert tomorrow!

  22. lilly says:

    Who’d You Be Today

    I Loved This Song When
    I Frist Heard It It Reminds
    Me Of My Brother That
    Died And That I Miss..

  23. rawrr xx grrr says:

    The Good Stuff or You Had Me From Hello. =]

  24. Rhonda says:

    there goes my life

    i lost it

    all i need to know


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